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Both Dems, GOP offer unsatisfying candidates

After Staffwriter Caleb Glickman’s response to my defense of the independent millennial, I continue to hold my stance that voting third party is a plausible choice.

Internet of Things puts data at risk

Are you aware that your beloved computer or laptop can be used as a weapon to abet a cyber-crime? Without your knowledge, your system can become a part of a botnet!

Clinton slogs through double standards on road to White House

So why does Donald Trump still hold 43 percent in the polls, according to the New York Times? The answer is sad and simple: there is inherent sexism in U.S. politics.

Pittsburgh public schools steamroll humanities, arts

Pittsburgh’s low 2016 public school enrollment fits into a general trend in Pittsburgh’s public education. Over the last five years overall enrollment has steadily dropped each year.

Important issues hang in balance of Nov. 8 election

This is an important election, and The Tartan urges everyone to go out and vote!

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