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Brain reads Portuguese and English language the same way

In a study published in the journal NeuroImage, a team of international scientists established that there is neural commonality between the brain’s reading of English and Portuguese.

Researchers discover each individual has unique brain

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University successfully mapped nearly 700 human brains, finding that they all are unique from each other.

New epilepsy drugs block electrical signals in the brain

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have found that a new anti-seizer drug blocks AMPA receptors from propagating the brain’s electrical signals further, which may be one way to control epilepsy.

Self-Driving Ubers navigate

This week's How Things Work discusses how self-driving Ubers navigate the streets.

SciTech Briefs

This week's SciTech Briefs cover waste hot water, false news, links to Parkinson's, perovskite solar cells, the Mars rover, and supernovas.

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