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Coldplay, not Beyoncé, culturally appropriates in new music video

The issue with this video is more Chris Martin and his band white-girling their way through India than it is Beyoncé in the vaguely Indian headgear and fashion.

Women joining draft next front in war on military sexism

All things being equal, it is not fair if women are not required to register for Selective Service when their male counterparts are.

Over-prescription creates sea of pills, side effects

The idea that contraceptives like the pill are widely accepted, despite the colossal uncertainty that exists in the scientific community, raises questions about the safety of their prescription.

Alabama: a vital yet forgotten U.S. history

In our cultural consciousness, Alabama is basically a stand in for gun-toting hicks. It’s time for that to change.

Mindfulness practice, yoga one clinical tool, not universal remedy

Mindfulness is just a tool in a toolbox of strategies to deal with psychological disorders, and may not be for everyone

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