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Carrying on the legacy of University alumna Kurt Giessler

The Kurt Giessler Foundation, in honor of its namesake, aims to fund educational pursuits of students outside the classroom.

Memorang educational startup proves helpful as study aid for students in higher education

Memorang, a new educational startup, has recently been making a name for itself in terms of providing online learning strategies for students in higher education courses.

Naimark delves into the roles played by the four horsemen in ethnic cleansing

Norman Naimark explained to the Carnegie Mellon community how the infamous four horsemen (War, Conquest, Famine, and Death) play a role in historical genocides.

Tim Murphy calls for nationwide mental health reform bill

Tim Murphy addresses the current issues we face when dealing with the millions of Americans that are facing mental health problems and details a proposed bill aimed to combat this issue.

Campus News in Brief

Carnegie Mellon receives $250 million in a settlement with Marvell, as well as a $5 million donation from the Posner family.

International News in Brief

A brief summary on what's been going on around the world.

Crime and Incident

A summary of this week's crime and incident reports.

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