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Le Melon: Paris 66 is an undiscovered gem

An authentic French dining experience in the heart of East Liberty will captivate your taste buds

Exhibit displays vulnerability like never before

Nate Bertone showcases a unique form of self-expression with words and body exposure

Stephan Pastis on the art of being funny

The award-winning comic creator and children's author spoke about the art of being funny and the roots of his ideas

Mayur Show showcases South Asian culture

This year’s show — Meet the Kapoors — uses song and dance to discuss South Asian values

Deadpool set to spawn dozens of imitators

It is no secret that life is completely unpredictable. The only certainty is uncertainty. This lesson has blinded Hollywood creatives on a consistent...

The Full Monty plays at Philip Chosky Theatre

The iconic musical about male strippers is performed with panache and physical comedy


Your weekly dose of all the cool stuff happening on campus this week.

Exhibit raises the bar at the Frame Gallery

On Becoming is a potent meditation on the modern teenage female experience

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