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NFL throws weight around on political field, combats inequality

The NFL is not ignorant to the weight that its name carries, decided not to support states that choose to pass laws that are homophobic, transphobic, racist, or marginalizing in any way.

The crazy mask: How Carnegie Mellon pathologized humanity

Stress culture is explicitly not fixed by counseling. This is a social health epidemic and needs to be addressed as a cultural problem, not a lack of mental health resources.

Nominee Garland can’t be left hanging by GOP

In their attempt to continually be the most unproductive Congress ever, GOP Senate leaders previously stated that they would consider no nominees until after the election.

Trump inspires fear, illogical votes

Donald Trump is not a joke and I’m scared.

Budget lag leaves schools scarred

There’s no guarantee that the gridlock will not simply begin all over again as Wolf strives to reform state spending, even at the expense of those who desperately need any funds at all.

Letter to the Editor: Unanswered questions in CMU elections

This is my third student government election. This is also my third time being disappointed by candidates.

Trump’s violent rallies threaten democracy

Trump’s campaign has entered a new phase, something much scarier than even the racist, sexist, and xenophobic speech he has used in the past. And it really, really isn’t funny.

Satirical media becomes America’s news normal

When it comes to the news, we’ve come to trust guys like Oliver and Stewart, whose stated objective is to entertain, much more than traditional outlets whose stated objective is to inform.

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