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Hamilton puts representation back in the narrative, tells our story

Hamilton isn’t history — it’s fiction. And it’s far more focused on what it can do for the future than how it can reflect the past.

Letter to the Editor: Booth

Spring Carnival Booths are becoming more elaborate, and more expensive, from one year to the next. The situation is akin to an arms race: no organization can scale back.

Longtime Senate infrastructure plan a solution you can bank on

Infrastructure constantly needs to be updated, but is hard to generate political will for. Luckily, an idea that has been sitting in Congress for 30 years provides us with a path out of this dilemma.

Letter to the Editor: Sex discrimination in Buggy

I’ve come to realize that though Buggy is no exception to the sexism that exists within traditional collegiate sports.

Zero tolerance means zero adaptability, zero reporting, zero progress towards prevention

It is time for the administration and student body to have a candid discussion about Carnegie Mellon’s sexual assault policy.

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