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Investigation reveals potential misuse of funds by SBVPO

Potential transgressions by the Student Body Vice President of Organizations (SBVPO), Trevor Hadick, have recently come to light. Among these possible...

CMU remembers the lives of Elliott Glasgow and Rajat Patra

This Wednesday, March 30, the Carnegie Mellon community was shaken by the news that two students, Elliott Glasgow and Rajat Patra, had passed away.

Christian, Hindu, and Humanist speakers discuss interfaith

An Interfaith forum provides dialogue on good and evil and why it matters, from the viewpoints of a Humanist, Hindu, and Christian.

Johnson advocates for zero waste living

The author of the bestselling book, Zero Waste Home, shares tips on how to lead a sustainable, earth-friendly lifestyle, and describes how she has reduced her home’s yearly waste to a single jar.

Understanding the impact of the Internet on news media

A Stanford professor discusses what has changed in the way people read news, and the subsequent effects on advertising, bias, and quality of news.

Campus News In Brief

A group of mechanical engineering students have designed a barrel that transports and purifies water simultaneously, while an NROTC senior is presented with a $4,000 scholarship.

International News In Brief

A brief summary of this week's news around the world.

Crime and Incident

A weekly compilation of crime and incidents occurring on campus.

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