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New Title IX interpretation undermines victims on college campuses

Schools should be responsive to acts of assault that take place on their grounds. Sexual assault is simply not a crime that lends itself to providing proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Transatlantic Thoughts: CMU students must work to create community identity

Build common ground. Don’t forget to leave your own college sometimes. Not to enhance your resume, but just because in ten, fifteen, years, this will constitute your Carnegie Mellon identity.

Bills should be passed for impact, not to fulfill promises

This healthcare impasse is not political sustainable. Voting across party lines and rushing bills should no longer be condoned: we ought to expect higher standards of our representatives.

National anthem protests are about racism, not patriotism

Steelers fans are just hiding behind the veil of “supporting the military” to mask their true intention of silencing activists who want to bring an end to racial injustice.

Apple’s Face ID paves way for police abuse and surveillance

The Fifth Amendment has been rendered obsolete. Apple’s new Face ID is an example of human ingenuity but one that raises a whole host of questions about our privacy and mass surveillance.

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