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Social media must end arbitrary rule enforcement

If social media sites are going to allow themselves to continue being as pivotal as they are in our sociopolitical lives, they need better regulation of content.

Transatlantic Thoughts: Blind focus on work is unfulfilling

Your mental refuge of work and bureaucracy should not prevent you from asking the most important questions in your life. Making the world a better place starts by its being a better place for you.

Student representation is key to presidential search

As a student body, we must continue to push for student representation on the Presidential Search Committee, for it is the only channel through which our voices will not be forgotten.

MeToo campaign isolates survivors who seek privacy

We need to show our solidarity with survivors without pressuring them to share their stories. A simple hotline number, such as 800.656.HOPE included with “#MeToo” could be an olive branch to them.

Gun debate must be handled with respect, understanding

If all discussions are shut down before they can start to open up solutions that accommodate everyone who has a stake in the argument, lives will continue to be lost without real consequence.

Misleading data, fallacies deliberately distort gun debate

We have found that many, if not all of the points that David Hunt poses in his letter veer into the territory of the incoherent, misleading, or downright manipulative.

Letter to the Editor: We must honor all veterans

We are disappointed with the removal of the statues of Confederate generals — these statues were placed to commemorate the service of some brilliant military minds and were not meant to be racist.

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