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Trump’s neglect of Puerto Rico is inexcusable

It is callous and disturbing that Trump has used a tragedy to turn to Twitter, play victim, and cry “fake news,” rather than leaving politics at home and fighting the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

CMU demonstrates importance of standing against hate

While ignoring the WBC members may seem a smart response, that is not the point. “Time to Shine” supports LGBTQ students in our community and reaffirms our values of diversity and inclusion.

Second Amendment misinterpretation destroys lives

I’m fairly confident that this newest incident is neither shocking nor traumatizing enough to drive lawmakers to ignore the NRA, look past their right-wing extremist voters, and take a stand.

Transatlantic Thoughts: Club professionalism drains CMU students

Negative parts of the Carnegie Mellon spirit have tweaked the way people engage in extra-curricular activities, leading to a lack of fun and increasing the workaholism that I described before.

Evolving memes influence society in unexpected ways

Similarly to how propaganda heightened emotions of patriotism during World War II and how counterculture in the sixties moved away from the Cold War, memes are steering today’s political atmosphere.

To be effective, social change must be implemented on a large scale

Instead of trying to change individuals, we should strive to create a society where acceptance doesn’t have to be taught because it can be intuited.

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