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Egypt’s rape culture shows reach of misogyny

The current lack of repercussions, both judicial and societal, is what encourages men to join in heinous acts of sexual assault publicly.

Transatlantic Thoughts: Meritocracy is ideal, blocked by difference

Meritocracy is a cornerstone of American philosophy: through the self-made man myth, it conveys a view of the society where everyone can climb the social ladder given enough hard work.

America needs dialogue, not more polarization

There is one disturbing trend that appears to be prevalent more than ever that both sides are guilty of: using tragedies to back a political agenda.

Emphasizing individuals, not politics, will help America recover from violence

The heroin epidemic facing this nation shows how effective no-tolerance banning is to solving problems. Like the heroin epidemic, America’s mass shooting problems do not lie in any physical item.

Robert Mueller’s firing would be a Constitutional crisis

This whole situation seems to be thematically consistent with the rest of Trump’s presidential tenure. There is a flavor of procedural uncertainty and an undertone of autocracy.

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