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Some love her, others hate her, but nobody can deny that Taylor Swift is one of the most influential singer-songwriters and pop stars of the 21st century....

Anna Akana

List off as many Asian-American stars in Hollywood as you can. Most likely, you won’t use all ten of your fingers. You might not even use five. This is...

Advice for Awkward People: On Nosy Relatives

Hey Ruth, So Thanksgiving Break is coming up (and after that winter break!) which means holidays, holidays, and more holidays. I can’t explain to you...

Bar Buddies: Mixtape

While Sinead continued on with her well-deserved break this week, I gathered up a different group of buddies and scoured the internet for a new bar to...

We have a future, perhaps

Privacy and performativity at The Frame

Dine in the Dark: a Dinner pARTy

Knowing people you’ve never seen and who will never meet you


Love's Labor's Won Nov. 16 - Nov. 18 Philip Chosky Theater, Purnell Center for the Arts Tickets : This weekend, catch this story...

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