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Historic local elections show the power of voters

Despite the discouraging actions that have been put forth by our national government the past few months, it is uplifting to see an effort to incorporate so much diversity into our local elections.

Foreign students deterred by visa complications and politics

As an international student myself, I have experienced challenges in choosing to come to the United States for college.

Hyperpartisanship blurs moral lines in Alabama election

What should be a simple choice between a man who prosecuted members of the Ku Klux Klan and an alleged pedophile is apparently a difficult question being raised and warranting heated debates.

Political beliefs are a fundamental part of character, should be judged

I certainly would never judge someone harshly for their taste in food or music, but I do believe it should be perfectly acceptable to be judged for one’s political views.

Letter to the Editor: CMU must defend graduate students

Cornell and Notre Dame have already released definitive statements about whether their students are affected by the proposed tuition tax. Why has our administration not made a similar statement?

From the Heinz Journal

Across restaurant operations, data is playing an increased role.

MakeApp threatens women’s agency over appearance

There are men out there who may take a photo of me in my “cake face,” toss it through this app, and decide whether I am attractive enough to be associated with, without knowing anything about me.

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