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Increased border control costs lives and money

The government uses our money to watch people who need help die right in front of their eyes. We must make lawmakers aware that we will not stand for such deprivation of human rights.

Transatlantic Thoughts: Money talks in America, where everything has a price

It is indeed a well-known cliché that in America money occupies a very specific place — bigger than it is in Europe, for example. Here “money talks.”

Trump's pick for head of NASA is an insult to science and progress

We have valid reasons to be concerned, judging by Bridenstine's statements and stances — and by Trump’s propensity for continuously nominating unfit candidates for national offices.

Benefits of starting dialogue about sexual assault outweigh risk of false allegations

Although the number of false rape accusations may go up in sheer numbers, the number of true rape accusations that actually go through the legal process will go up too.

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