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CMU and Pitt researchers use fMRI to prevent suicide

CMU and Pitt researchers announced that they have developed an approach to identify individuals with suicidal thoughts by analyzing brain activity when they think of concepts like death or cruelty.

Scientists conduct “delayed choice” experiment in space

Francesco Vedovato and Paolo Villoresi of the University of Padua, and their team have attempted to perform one of James Archibald Wheeler’s proposed "delayed choice" experiments in space.

SciTech Briefs

This week, a newly discovered orangutan species is already on the brink of extinction, artificial insulin-producing cells have been made and a planetary system was found to be closer than we thought.

Scientists attempt to study the role of evolution in psychiatric disorders

By looking for correlations in huge datasets, Yale geneticist Renato Polimanti is trying to uncover relations between environmental factors and the expression of mental illnesses.

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