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Get Out Comedy nomination sparks controversy

The inability of Get Out to strike people as a drama points to the larger, more devastating issue that systematic oppression of people of color is not that important to those unoppressed.

Humanizing white supremacists increases hate

The question is not “Who are these white nationalists?” but rather, “Why did these people choose to be white nationalists?”

Transatlantic Thoughts: America’s role as respected global leader may be ending

2017 may well be recorded as the end of the Cold War-era Western block and its American leader.

Eliminating net neutrality threatens equality, democracy

Net neutrality should not be compromised in a way in which private interests trump public ones. By doing so, we are leaving ourselves vulnerable.

Teachers accused of abusing children should suffer harsher punishment

There aren’t enough words to express my disgust towards the perpetrators for harming these children. It angers me how the teachers were not dealt harsher punishment.

Starbucks holiday cup invokes LGBTQ debate

The fact that the association with the LGBTQ community has met such a response is disheartening. The love that comes with the holidays should be the focal point.

College freedom leads to greater productivity

I can still feel move-in day and orientation week jitters, but all of that was months ago! Still, already having one-eighth of my college education almost finished does not sound like a minor feat.

From the Heinz Journal

Any sort of discussion that even considers a disarmed North Korea is doomed to failure. A reversal in the nuclear program would be akin to a denouncement of democracy in the United States.

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