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Universities must stand with international students

These students at Columbia have something to offer that could enhance the world, so what does it say that one of their fellow students has made them feel unwanted?

Gender bias still hinders women’s progress in STEM fields

The gender bias present in STEM, law, and politics is a result of society, not any lower status in the face of the law.

Trump threatens Johnson Amendment, gives religion voice

Overturning the Johnson Amendment would mean evangelists — especially televangelists — can contribute and invest more into politics than ever before, and Trump is cognizant of the power of the repeal.

New abortion law endangers women

By prohibiting the most common and safest abortion procedure in the second trimester, [the Arkansas bill] is essentially banning second trimester abortions, directly contradicting Roe v. Wade.

The true freedom issues at play between Yiannopoulos and Berkeley

The student protestors, university, and outsider rioters were all private citizens, so Yiannopoulos cannot legally claim any infringement of rights.

Democrats share blame in 2016 election results

Democrats need to take responsibility for their failure, seriously investigate what went wrong in 2016, and propose a series of substantive reforms.

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