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Media struggles over how to address Trump’s antics

The media is pivotal in a true democracy. It may be ethically irresponsible to simply ignore Trump because we are tired of him.

CMU proves student campaigning matters

If the Democratic Party fails to connect to students, it will struggle to tap into their energy to work on campaigns, and might struggle even to get them to come to the polls.

Sen. Toomey fails to represent voters

Toomey is supposed to represent the real values of Pennsylvanians, not advance his own agendas and the agendas of his donors.

Healthy relationship discussions must include male victims

Male-perpetrator/female-victim relationships are not the only types of domestic abuse that deserve our attention — we are just scratching the surface by speaking of only these types of relationships.

Beyoncé’s loss reveals race problem

My personal opinion is this: Beyoncé lost because Lemonade made white people uncomfortable.

Carnegie Mellon’s hedge fund investments will not pay off

Unless CMU is going to consistently pick the top one percent of private equity funds or one of the few hedge funds that will offer outstanding returns, its strategy is not going to be very helpful.

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