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Three-year college programs aren’t more economical

Instead of trying to normalize the difference, Carnegie Mellon should work to personalize the college experience for people with different abilities and goals.

Overcoming shyness is a vital life skill

In order to succeed in our “go-go-go” world of today, shyness is a barrier that must be surmounted.

‘Mentally ill’ does not describe Trump

Labeling Trump as mentally ill is a lame attempt to delegitimatize the president. He is not mentally ill, and mental health professionals need to refrain from giving ill informed opinions.

Trump tax policy favors corporate elites, threatens workers

Rather than beg corporations for alms like employment by giving them carte blanche operation in our country, the U.S. should instead take the stance that our resources and labor force are valuable.

Knock Every Door stresses crucial role of listening in politics

This sort of conversation, where a progressive and a conservative respectfully listen to each other’s differing opinions, has become largely unheard of.

Moving to Canada will not fix America’s issues

Instead of envying the fruits of our neighbor, it is far more constructive to see how the fruits were harvested and try to plan out how to implement these lessons in our future.

New DNC chair pick sticks with status quo

Democrats have started 2017 by once again allowing the inertia of the status quo to overwhelm their party at the grassroots and within the progressive wing.

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