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Trump’s Syrian decision needed further deliberation

Trump’s decision may be the first step in the effort to put an end to the violence against the Syrian people, but we have no way of knowing that his actions won’t also have harmful consequences.

Special Elections, Same Old Mistakes for Democrats

Democrats have been too reluctant to spend any time, resources, or money in the Montana election. This is a huge mistake and one that is motivated by intraparty politics more than sensible strategy.

Justice system neglects prisoners’ agency, futures

Somehow, the U.S. has become an overeager sentry, a guard of the thousands of human-filled cartons littering the nation. But are our prisons truly effective?

Outcry on Overheard: Generalizing that all white people are racist is reductive, harmful

I don’t condone racism. But I'm not convinced that racial dating preferences are racist, and I am not convinced that calling someone a bigot for having them brings forth a productive argument.

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