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Congress threatens important net neutrality with bill

The new bill goes against conservatives’ ethos of small government. Expectedly, many are protesting the Federal Communication Commission bill.

Democrats Need To Reclaim Their Heart and Soul

Democrats shouldn’t be battling for their party’s soul. Instead, the different factions within the party must work together to rediscover what once made them a great and successful political movement.

Democrats must seriously consider universal health care

Universal health care is about ensuring that everyone, regardless of income, race, or gender, has access to medical care. It’s about guaranteeing people the basic freedom to live healthy lives.

Impeachment of Korean president shows power of democracy

The people of South Korea were discontent with their democracy, and they united to achieve their common goal — bringing a democracy that represented them, not the interests of a select few.

Racial preferences in dating are based on stereotypes, idolization

Speaking as an Asian woman who’s been pursued specifically because of her ethnicity, it doesn’t feel innocent. It feels like every stereotype of submission or exoticism forced on me at once.

No one should have to fight to vote in modern America

With a president who, through Twitter, set off conspiracies of voter fraud, it is imperative for us to remain cognizant of freedom of speech and democracy’s gift to all people — the right to vote.

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