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Torture of gay men in Chechnya must be condemned

The United States’ choice to not intervene is eerily similar to the official response from the Russian government regarding this matter.

Anti-choice Democrats open gateway for rural voters

I don’t agree with Mello’s position on abortion, but Democrats should follow Sanders' lead and support anti-choice Democrats campaigning in places where only anti-choice candidates can win right now.

Meg Whitman is out of touch with ideals CMU should value

The choice of Whitman is out of touch as it ignores the tensions of today’s political and social crisis while instead praising the root of the mind-shattering stress culture at Carnegie Mellon.

Love Trumps Hate in an Unlikely State

The protests over Richard Spencer that the city of Auburn carried out was more than another protest; it potentially demonstrates the trajectory of this country.

March for Science shows importance of scientific advancement

If we cut science funding, we tragically reduce the chance to give our country the opportunity to push the boundaries of status quo and thus we cannot make America great again.

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