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Trump’s orders target immigrants, hurt all Americans

Limiting international students’ access to internships with U.S. companies almost eliminates their chances at full time careers with these companies.

Airline electronics ban is about discrimination, not security

However, to me the laptop ban isn’t about the ban itself. It is the discriminatory undertones of the ban that I won’t be able to forget when I pack my bags in Dubai to come back to the U.S.

Tomi Lahren’s firing reflects conservative media's intolerance

The true issue at conflict here, however, is not about Tomi Lahren, or even the abortion debate — it is about the fatally divisive hypocrisy that afflicts both ends of America’s political spectrum.

Outcry on Overheard: Title IX should protect the innocent, not shield the guilty

Why should a rape committed by a college football star be made any less public than one committed by any other rapist on the street?

Negative media stereotypes harm perception of immigrants

The biggest issue with current media narratives is that they don’t capture the full range of experiences and personalities [of immigrants].

Division in White House highlights AHCA’s flaws

Perhaps the part Trump so greatly detests about the ACA is the colloquial name — Obamacare. This is where the AHCA comes into play.

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