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Congress must decide to act to preserve vital DACA

The time for Congress to act is now. DACA didn’t somehow create criminals like Trump makes immigrants out to be — it created a talented population of people brought to the U.S. for a better life.

Letter to the Editor: Carnegie Mellon United

Unifying our campus community is one mission inspiring concerned students of color at Carnegie Mellon to take action against racism.

Dietrich College embraces “STEMification”

If the premise of the anti-Dietrich memes is that Dietrich College students and faculty ought to study STEM fields, then the students creating the memes have already largely won.

Taylor Swift’s new Reputation compromises integrity

Taylor Swift’s attempt to reject her previous image of the love-stricken girl-next-door has come at the cost of compromising her artistic integrity and losing the very qualities that made her unique.

CMU’s diversity indicates growth

Diversity is one facet that makes Carnegie Mellon such a special place for higher learning. Students from over a hundred countries put their hearts into their work inside and outside the classroom.

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