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50th anniversary celebration should not erase past mistakes

We must examine the missteps we have made along the way. We should not be distracted by the seemingly perfect image of history and believe that we have done everything right to get up to this point.

Transgender military ban embodies harmful prejudice

Transgender people are not a burden, financially or in any other way. We as Americans, as human beings, cannot allow something so based in prejudice and misinformation to become a reality.

International vacation spots should have international support in times of disaster

Unless there is an international relief effort spurred by an organization with the means for sending goods to Saint Martin, the people of the paradise will live in an isolated hell for a long time.

Politicizing national disasters shows politicans' hypocrisy, risks victims

Members of Congress from around the United States must agree to provide aid to regions in need. This is not specific to liberals or conservatives; it plagues the political system as a whole.

Free speech protects unpopular opinions, not dangerous ones

Freedom of speech and its limitations has become the defining issue of our era. The question on everyone’s minds today is whether hate speech is protected under the First Amendment. The answer is yes.

Division among liberals can lead to catastrophic results

With the very conservative government that we have now, it is important that liberals work together, and to do so, liberals must learn the rationale behind each of the current factions of liberalism.

Real communism only sounds ideal to those with privilege

My only exposure to communism was reading about it from a distance. But learning about the facts in such a sheltered environment doesn't fully convey the human costs that communism bore.

Grading system places burden of stress on CMU students

having a high 70/80/90 percent grade cutoff with expected-to-be-completed assignments and close-to-lecture exams incentivizes the students to adopt a harmful behavior due to increased stress.

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