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Vatican encourages priest misconduct with coverups

The Vatican needs to face these accusations head on, with strict punishments and a transparent prosecutorial process for potential future offenders.

Transatlantic Thoughts: Homework overload creates workaholics, isn’t sustainable

Congratulations: you're a workaholic. Your only concern in life is work and success. You are the perfect junior employee, and will have a bustling career start. Until you have your first burn-out.

Students can succeed without a specific dream to chase

While I have been jealous of those who do intend to follow Professor Pausch’s words, I want to also say to those who do not that we are not incomplete people.

St. Louis court decision shows larger race issue

I have my own strong opinions about gun violence, race relations, and police brutality. Having seen the racial profiling and mistreatment of black youths throughout my life, I know where I stand.

Inclusiveness has a positive impact, especially in the beauty industry

It is in the best interest of makeup companies to take on a notion of diversity. Makeup is a fun experience, and nobody should be barred from this creative outlet because of skin color.

Sean Spicer failed to find balance between integrity and loyalty as press secretary

Though Spicer has appeared to be apologetic in his latest interviews, we simply cannot forget the integral role he played at the outset of the Trump administration.

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