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360-degree cameras add perspective to sharing stories

360-degree cameras are becoming more popular as they transition into becoming smart-phone accessories. This week, in How Things Work, learn about the processes involved in making a 360-degree photo.

SciTech Briefs

Researchers discover that Neanderthals were more similar to humans than previously thought, they found cosmic rays from outside the galaxy and attempted to modify human embryos to study gene function.

Conservation efforts should consider the effects of 'watermelon snow'

'Watermelon snow' created by a type of pink algae, causes ice to melt faster and some scientists argue that it should be factored into climate and conservation efforts.

CMU's RoboTutor wins $1 million as one of five finalists in the Global Learning XPRIZE competition

CMU Professor Mostow's team reaches top 5 in the Global Learning XPrize Competition and receives $1M.

Praising children for smarts can have unintended impact

A new study, published in Psychological Science reveals that praising children for their smartness instead of effort has a negative impact.

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