Fantasy football: Last Manning Standing still at the top

Credit: Courtesy of Ricky Bowden via Flickr Wikimedia Commons Credit: Courtesy of Ricky Bowden via Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Welcome back to The Tartan’s weekly Fantasy Football recap. This responsibility fell to me, as it has for most of the semester, because I scored the fewest number of points over both Weeks 6 and 7. My descent into fantasy football humiliation continues.

In Week 6, the top and bottom team remained the same, while the other four teams switched places amongst themselves.

Slugs over TARTAN FANTASY, 112.50 to 83.98

Operations Manager Adam Tunnard’s team Slugs defeated Photo Editor Lisa Qian’s team TARTAN FANTASY, climbing to third place, while Qian’s team fell to sixth place.

Slugs was led by Tunnard’s two most consistent starters, Los Angeles Chargers running back Melvin Gordon and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Gordon scored 33.00 points from 132 rushing yards and three touchdowns and added 18 receiving yards. Rodgers’s 28.40 points came from his 425-yard, two touchdown night.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much Qian could’ve done to defeat Slugs, even if she had started a bench player in place of a starter on a bye week. Most of her team underperformed. Her best showing came from the Houston Texans defense, which racked up 18.00 points.

GOAT but Ironically over mmichelle123, 138.98 to 105.02

In the battle for Pillbox, Assistant Pillbox Editor Izzy Sio’s team GOAT but Ironically trounced Pillbox Editor Michelle Madlansacay’s team mmichelle123 by over 30 points. After beginning the season with three straight losses, Sio’s team has rebounded with three straight wins and into fifth place in the standings. Madlansacay’s drops to seventh place.

Even with new NFL star Patrick Mahomes, quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, Sio’s best player remains Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley, who gave a signature performance in Week 6. Gurley scored 34.50 points with 208 rushing yards, two rushing touchdowns, and 17 yards through the air. Mahomes was no slouch either, adding 26.98 points with 352 passing yards and two touchdowns.

Madlansacay’s team mmichelle123 boasted some solid performances from Packers wide receiver Davante Adams (25.20 points) and Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins (17.40 points). However, her team was let down by the 4.40 points from New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. and zero points from New Orleans Saints kicker Wil Lutz.

futbol over newz, 140.70 to 74.10

In the biggest blowout of the week, Visual Editor Tracy Le’s team futbol absolutely obliterated News Editor Nora Mattson’s team newz. Le’s team rises to second place, while Mattson’s team moves to fourth place.

Le’s dominance was led by Chiefs wide receiver Tyrek Hill, who scored 32.20 points from 142 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan followed with 27.50 points from 355 yards and three touchdowns.

Similar to Qian’s situation in her matchup, there wasn’t much Mattson could have done to defeat Le. Save for Giants running back Saquon Barkley, who scored 28.90 points, and Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, who scored 16 points, the rest of Mattson’s team simply had a down week.

Last Manning Standing over Gin and Bear It, 81.51 to 67.54

On trend with the rest of the season, my team Gin and Bear It lost, this time to Publisher Caleb Miller’s team Last Manning Standing. Miller’s team remains at the top of the standings, while I remain stuck in the cellar.

Over half of Miller’s team scored less than 10 points (including Saints running back Alvin Kamara with zero on his bye week), but Last Manning Standing didn’t need much to beat my team. A strong performance from Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz gave his team 24.52 points from 278 passing yards and three touchdowns.

On my team, Pittsburgh Steelers running back James Conner put up strong numbers to score 24.90 points, but other than that highlight, the rest of my team disappointed. Of the seven offensive starters, kicker, and defense, all but two scored in the single digits. That’s not the way to win.

Week 7 saw three of the winners from Week 6 continue their strong performances and one big upset.

GOAT but Ironically over TARTAN FANTASY, 96.92 to 60.76

Sio’s team GOAT but Ironically continues to move up the standings with its fourth consecutive win, this time over Qian’s team TARTAN FANTASY. While GOAT but Ironically jumps two spots to third place, Qian’s team stays in sixth place.

As expected, Sio’s team was led by the one-two punch of Mahomes and Gurley. It didn’t matter than nearly every other starter on her team scored fewer than 10 points. Mahomes put up another week of strong numbers, with 358 passing yards and four touchdowns, while Gurley ran for 63 yards and two touchdowns and caught the ball for 23 yards and a touchdown.

Like in Week 6, Qian’s team TARTAN FANTASY failed to score many points. The Texans defense was her highest scorer, with 14 points, and her highest offensive starter was Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, who only scored 12.90 points.

futbol over mmichelle123, 91.86 to 86.84

In the closest matchup of the week, Le’s team futbol pulled out the win over Madlansacay’s team mmichelle123. Both remain in the same position as Week 6, with futbol in second place and mmichelle123 in seventh place.

While there were no standout performances on Le’s team, many of her starters had solid weeks that contributed to her win. Ryan led with 19.26 points from 379 passing yards and a touchdown, followed by San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle with 15.80 points from 98 receiving yards and a touchdown. Le did leave some points on the table from her bench, but it didn’t matter in the end.

Madlansacay’s team mmichelle123 improved in Week 7 from the previous week, but suffered with two strong starters on their bye weeks. Beckham, Jr. rebounded after Week 6’s zero points with 20.20 points, but the rest of Madlansacay’s team didn’t follow suit.

newz over Last Manning Standing, 106.48 to 95.40

Mattson’s team newz defeated the top team in the league, Miller’s Last Manning Standing, in this close matchup. However, both teams remain in their respective positions in the standings, with Last Manning Standing in first place and newz in fourth place.

The Rams defense posted a stout 21 points for newz, leading Mattson’s team. But her offensive starters also came through, with Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford garnering 17.58 points and Barkley 17.40 points.

Last Manning Standing also had a strong defensive performance from the New England Patriots, who scored 17 points. Wentz (18.70 points), Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen (17 points), and Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry (15.70 points) had good weeks, but they weren’t enough to overcome the two running backs who didn’t score any points.

Slugs over Gin and Bear It, 71.40 to 65.28

I really thought I had a chance to win this week, but alas, it was not meant to be. No one would know from how badly my team has played that I know the most about football as the Sports Editor. With this win, Tunnard’s team Slugs still falls to fifth place, while I remain at the bottom. I have already paid a deposit for the rest of the season.

Slugs’s top players, Rodgers and Gordon, both scored zero points (with Rodgers on a bye), but other players stepped up to help Slugs get the win. Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt led the way with 32.10 points from a haul of 86 rushing yards, a rushing touchdown, 55 receiving yards, and two receiving touchdowns.

None of my starters scored zero points this week, but the New York Jets defense did score minus-3 points. Five of the seven offensive starters scored below seven points, wasting a 15.60-point week from Denver Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay.

Next week, Le’s team futbol takes on Sio’s red-hot team GOAT but Ironically, Tunnard’s team Slugs tries to take down Miller’s team Last Manning Standing, which remains at top of the standings, Mattson’s team newz and Madlansacay’s team mmichelle123 go head-to-head, and I will continue my search for a second win against Qian’s team TARTAN FANTASY.