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Hillary Clinton still faces scrutiny after presidential election

Simply fading into obscurity is not productive, or even realistic for Hillary Clinton. She has proven to be one of the more resilient politicians of modern times and has drawn much admiration for it.

America needs more fruitful dialogue about gun violence

Although we should not detach from emotions altogether, we should have conversations about gun violence without making others feel as though they are attacked or allowing ourselves to feel attacked.

Cultivating social activism in high schools is necessary

Activism has become necessary, and debates on topics such as gun control and abortion are becoming increasingly harder to avoid. There will be some instances where it will require regulation.

Modern books reflect the realities of society

Literature is an important tool for sharing perspectives and ideas. It doesn't have to be limited to a set of old books.

Jingoism in the Olympics is a necessary evil

Why do we watch the Olympic Games? Every four years, the Olympics, summer and winter, come and go. We hear the loud drum of NBC's Olympics musical...

Public education is unequal on local and regional levels

The reality is that the funding inequities in state public education systems are significant in rendering the education available to millions of American public school students profoundly unequal.

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