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2018 Winter Olympics puts South Korea in uncertainty

While I empathize more with the optimists, believing that the Olympics could spark a period of increased collaboration with the North, I do have my hints of doubt about the motives of the Kim regime.

State of the Union: Trump knows how to read

f the Republican party steers deeper into being a legislative vehicle for Trump, they jeopardize the federalist system established under the Constitution and the objective reality that we live in.

Greek Life empowers women

Greek Life has also provided a space to talk about sexual assault, which is, unfortunately a glaring issue at Carnegie Mellon.

Missouri's Senate candidate sparks outrage across nation

"If you like President Trump, then you and I see eye-to-eye," Missouri candidate Courtland Sykes proudly stated in his campaign video.

Annual Grammy Awards fails in representation

The Grammys have become a celebration of excess: a competition for who has the wildest dress, who has the most elaborate performance, and who can make the boldest statement in their speech.

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