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Robots will take away from human interaction

Relying entirely on a robot in this way takes away the aspect of human interaction and companionship, important factors for establishing emotional connections for most people.

Studios should "pull a Christopher Plummer" on racist content

We should think a little more about what we’re supporting, and what our $9 or an hour in front of a television will mean to the larger studios on the other side of the coast.

Scotland creates dangerous precedent for censorship

Protecting freedom of speech includes protecting speech that you don't agree with. By shutting down dialogue, we are chipping away at the fundamental value that comprises democracy.

President Trump's opioid death penalty proposal is archaic and dangerous

Drug dealing is an act often carried out by struggling people looking for a way to support themselves, and Trump now has advocated for killing them for trying to survive.

Surpassing the hype: the power of 112 and Concepts

The student interest in 112 or Concepts was never the issue itself; the problem is in how this attitude does not expand beyond these two classes.

Sinclair shows problem of media consolidation

While dystopian-looking visuals of the Sinclair must-run were disturbing, the real insidious nature of Sinclair's effect on the minds of the public comes from their overall effect on local news.

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