Advice for Awkward People

Dear Michelle,
I feel like I’m not enjoying or learning anything from my classes. I just started college, and I’m already dreading all my assignments...I thought once I got to here, I’d finally get to study all the subjects I’m actually interested in. I don’t get why so many of my classes are reviewing what I’ve already covered in high school. All my classes at the moment are basically just intro/pre-requisite classes. I really thought I’d be done with calculus and history after high school. It just feels like a waste of my time to have to cover all these things that I’ve already learned before. What can I do, if anything, to enhance my learning experience this semester? Please let me know!

Tired Of Over Estimating Actual Skills, Yikes

I know it can be annoying to have to review a bunch of material you’ve covered before, especially right after starting college. I mean, in a way, it makes sense why most intro classes are structured like this. They’re just there to give you a refresher and make sure you’re best prepared when you go on and take more advanced courses. Trust me, everyone goes through this, and all I can really say is hang in there for the semester. But also know that learning doesn’t have to stop outside of the classroom. There are so many great resources you can look to to learn more about the topics that fascinate you, including my favorites: podcasts and documentaries.

I’ve recently been introduced to podcasts, and I honestly think they’re one of the best sources of information. You can listen to them while you’re walking to class or doing chores, and the best part is, lots of them are free to listen to! There are so many podcasts, covering such a wide range of topics, that you’re bound to find one that covers something you’re interested in. If you want to start looking for podcasts to listen to, my suggestion is to simply Google “best podcasts on (insert your topic of interest).” From there, you can start listening to different ones and hopefully find your favorite!

Like listening to podcasts and watching documentaries can also be both fun and educational! There are tons you can find on Youtube, Netflix, and other places online! What’s so great about documentaries are the visual components, which can really provide a fully immersive experience.

Of course there are other wonderful resources you can look at (let’s not forget classic books - they have an endless supply of knowledge to teach), but podcasts and documentaries are my current go-to resources for information when I feel like I’m not learning what I really want to in the classroom. Seeking out other forms of education is a great way to enhance your learning experience and really open your mind to new ideas and perspectives. This doesn’t just apply to college freshmen, but to anyone who seeks new ways of learning.