Student Body Vice President for Organizations candidate: Ethan Rich

Ethan Rich, a rising senior in electrical and computer engineering, is running for Student Body Vice President of Organizations. Rich has been in a number of leadership roles across campus, including Concerts Chair for the Activities Board, Housing and Dining Chair for the Student Dormitory Council, Finance Committee Chair in the Undergraduate Student Senate, and the station manager of the Carnegie Tech Radio Club.

The Vice President of Organizations is responsible for leading the Committee on Student Organizations (CoSO), which recognizes campus organizations based on their constitution. Usually, the committee’s job ends there, but Rich wants to turn the members of the committee into advocates or advisers for student organizations. In an email to The Tartan, Rich wrote, “I would like to have more written material about an organization's activities whether it’s minutes from GBMs or notes from a CoSO rep at an org’s event. The collection and sharing of this data will allow student government to make more informed choices about organizations.”

Some of those choices include the distribution of funds from the Joint Funding Committe (JFC). Currently, the JFC sees a small blurb about each student organization to determine the distribution of monies collected out of the Student Activities Fee. Rich wants to make sure each organization gets a fair shake from the JFC by providing more information via the advisers on the CoSO. Another goal from his platform is to establish joint JFC-CoSO meetings to help the JFC understand more closely the workings of each organization on campus.

Another goal of Rich’s is to expand space in the Cohon Center for student organizations. Cohon Center office re-allocation will not occur during the next year, but the Vice President of Organizations can work to build more cabinet space or locker space in the Cohon Center. “This would benefit smaller organizations that historically would not be able to utilize a space in the UC, but still require a small amount of storage,” Rich told The Tartan.

Additionally, Rich hopes to make the transition between student leaders for clubs smoother by changing the Tartan Leadership Conference to be more useful for organizations. According to his platform, Rich wishes to provide more resources about The Bridge, organization financing, and room reservation without the time commitment required by the current incarnation of the Tartan Leadership Conference.

With his experience across various organizations on campus and his experience in student government, Rich believes he will be able to help students make the most of the activities fee, and even if that means hours of meetings on a Saturday, Rich will do what he can to make sure that new student organizations will be recognized as swiftly as possible.