Week 6 college football roundup

Welcome to a new column where every week, we’ll be analyzing the results of the weekend’s college football games and talking about the next week’s before discussing how these tie into the race for bowls and, of course, the College Football Playoff.

This week’s rankings:

1 Georgia (6-0)

2 Iowa (6-0)

3 Alabama (5-1)

4 Michigan (6-0)

5 Ohio State (5-1)

6 Oklahoma (6-0)

7 Penn State (5-1)

8 Cincinnati (5-0)

9 Oregon (4-1)

10 Michigan State (6-0)

After five whole weeks in the backseat, Georgia has finally emerged to claim the #1 spot. They came into the season as the second-best team in the country, and since then, they’ve racked up a string of impressive victories to take the top spot from Alabama. In Week 1, they held #3 Clemson to just a field goal before going on a tear, winning their next four games by a combined 195-20 and shutting out #8 Arkansas. This weekend, they blew out #18 Auburn on the road, erasing any and all doubt that this team is here to play, and here to play well.
Next comes Iowa at #2, jumping a spot in the rankings. Their come-from-behind 23-20 win over Penn State, coming on the shoulders of quarterback Spencer Petras and four interceptions, gave them their first quality win of the season. Undefeated and with a cakewalk schedule from here on out, Iowa is looking like a true contender and could very well make the Big Ten title game undefeated.
Next comes #3 Alabama. Although they came into the season as the top-ranked team, their victories have been less than impressive, and this weekend’s 41-38 loss to unranked Texas A&M was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Alabama should be able to win out if they play their cards right, but a loss like Saturday’s can’t happen again for the Crimson Tide.
After them is #4 Michigan, also at 6-0, who have surprised many onlookers but haven’t been as dominant as they’d hoped. The one-touchdown win against Rutgers still stings them, and this weekend, they needed a last-second turnover to beat unranked Nebraska. Although there are legitimate warning signs for the Wolverines, they deserve better than the low rank that the AP poll gives them.
One-loss Ohio State follows at #5 after massacring a relatively unimpressive Maryland, their otherwise impeccable record sullied by an early loss to Oregon. #6 Oklahoma is next, with six straight wins but nothing too impressive, with five of their six wins coming by a touchdown or less. Then comes #7 Penn State, who lost to Iowa on the road after losing quarterback Sean Clifford in the second quarter and falling on their own sword with penalties. Rounding out the top ten are #8 Cincinnati, who blew out Temple; #9 Oregon, who had a bye; and #10 Michigan State, who beat Rutgers and kicked BYU out of the top ten after the latter’s loss to Boise State.

Next week:

1 Georgia vs. #16 Kentucky

2 Iowa vs. Purdue

3 Alabama vs. Miss. State

4 Michigan - Bye

5 Ohio State - Bye

6 Oklahoma vs TCU

7 Penn State - Bye

8 Cincinnati vs UCF

9 Oregon vs Cal

10 Michigan State vs Indiana

The games that are slated for this coming week present no real obstacles to any of the aforementioned teams in the top ten, with only #1 Georgia facing a ranked team in Kentucky. Expect the top ten teams to run the board, or close to it, and for the rankings to look much the same after Week 7.