Maddy's Monthly Meme Madness

Welcome to Maddy's Monthly Meme Madness, where we take a look at the Top 5 most-liked memes on the Facebook group, Carnegie Mellon Memes for Spicy Teens, posted in the past month.

1 “[INSERT: Shapely pun]” by Simon Lee (10/10)


[INSERT: caption] The caption is simple: “pain.”

2 “Wishful Thinking” by Sihan Wu (9/10)

In her post’s caption, Wu asks if having Carnival next spring “is... wishful thinking,” and for good reason. Carnival is such an integral part of the Carnegie Mellon experience, and I can’t imagine going through college without it. Hopefully next year, we can do more than visit each others’ islands on Animal Crossing (if kids still even play that). Also, props to the Comic Sans text and the stock photo watermark.

3 “Best We Can Do” by Mansour Elsharawy (8/10)

I’m a bit unsure as to what the rationale of having a Tuesday off was. It feels a bit like it was chosen by throwing a dart at the spring 2021 calendar and choosing the closest date to where the dart landed. Unfortunately, I’m also unsure as to how effective this day off was for most students. I’m sure someone was able to get a bit extra rest, but the amount of work that many of us were stuck with to complete on our “day off” made this day off feel… not like one.

4 “Donner Depression” by Joe Horowitz (9/10)

The inspirational background matches the motivational message written on the meme. My deepest condolences to all those who have experienced living in Donner in one way or another, especially for those who are living there now.

5 “Fat (Responsibilities) Tuesday” by Zachary Leventhal (8/10)

Gonna have to dock a couple of points for the choice in font. Impact should be left in the early 2010’s (unless it’s used ironically). However, the meme hits too close to home and is top quality content-wise. I’m sure one person was able to take a break on the random Tuesday off Zoom University, but it appears that the day off was hardly that for too many students.