Senate Update 11/3

The Office of Community Standards and Integrity (OCSI) gave a presentation this past week regarding academic integrity standards in the Carnegie Mellon community. The current Academic Disciplinary Actions (ADA) process was set in Fall 2019. For a first violation, there is action on the course level. For a second violation, there is a review by the Academic Review Board. In 2019, the process for graduate students was made to be in line with the process for undergraduate students.

Last fall, there were a total of 284 Academic Integrity Violations (AIVs). In Spring 2022, there were 218. A total of 36 cases were brought to the Academic Review Board in the Fall 2021 as well. Many of the AIV cases had common themes: reusing work from previous semesters, using online resources and technology to collaborate (such as text, messaging, chats, etc.), and group violations.

The OCSI is creating a working group for the 2022-2023 academic year that will be made up of faculty, staff, and students to review current procedures and make recommendations for changes/updates to current policy that will go into effect for the Fall 2023 semester.

The Committee on Student Organizations’ (CoSO) proposed bylaw change was also revisited this past week. There was unanimous consent by Senate members to change the language of the proposed bylaw amendment to clarify language regarding Undergraduate Senate or Graduate Student Association members that serve on CoSO. After further discussion, a motion was made to table the rest of the discussion to a further date.

The Joint Funding Committee (JFC) Bylaw Amendments Presentation that was scheduled for last week’s meeting was also presented during this meeting. Proposed changes included adding additional requirements to receive an honorarium, introducing a new subcommittee structure, raising the threshold for Joint Ratification budget appeals to ⅔ supermajority instead of ½ simple majority, and removing old and obsolete language. The motion was approved 22-0-2.

The Senate Fiscal Policy Amendments Vote from last week was also revisited. The motion was approved with ⅔ supermajority, 16-5-1.

Senate resolution S.R.02.2022 was also presented and was endorsed unanimously by members of the Senate. The resolution states the Senate’s endorsement of “establishing a university-wide day of service holiday with no classes on federal, state and local government election days on which CMU students have the opportunity to participate.”