EdBoard: Thistles and Thorns

Editorials featured in the Forum section are solely the opinions of their individual authors.

A Thistle to the return of Carnival. It’s been a while since we experienced an in-person event like it. Seeing alumni, Booths, and Buggy races were some of the weekend’s many highlights.

A Thorn to the general sickness that came after Carnival. Between COVID and the flu, it seemed like almost everyone was getting sick. While Carnival was a good break from classes, it also reminded us that we’re not yet out of this pandemic.

A Thistle to the few sunny days that we’ve had this semester. Nobody came to Pittsburgh for the weather, but the few nice days we’ve had this year are gems and nothing less.

A Thorn to Pittsburgh’s weather. April’s snow-to-sunshine fluctuations had us shorts with winter gear every other day. Extreme weather is becoming more normal thanks to global warming, as though Pittsburgh’s endlessly cloudy skies weren’t enough.

A Thistle to the sustainability initiative that Chartwells began. If there’s one thing that this campus needs, it’s a lower environmental impact. This is a step in the right direction.

A Thorn to the disrespect Chartwells treated its many workers. They are the backbone of making sure students on campus have food — and a friendly face — on campus. Cutting their scheduled hours and available vacation days isn’t acceptable.

A Thistle to many of the media properties like “Moon Knight” that have come out this year. A lot of us on staff need an escape from work sometimes, and the outstanding works that studios have produced never fail to make us a little happier.

A Thorn to movies like “Morbius” that are simply not good. Jared Leto once again continues his streak of being in hit-or-miss movies.

A Thistle to all the Ukrainians and others fighting against Russian forces in the ongoing war. Ukrainian’s resistance and resilience is nothing short of incredible.

A Thorn to fascism. The recent French election and the war in Ukraine showed us that fascism is still very prevalent in our world. It’s important that we stand up for democracy and ensure that fascism doesn’t continue to spread into our seemingly rotting system.

A Thistle to having an in-person commencement and to all those graduating this year. It’s exciting to see alumni come back for in-person ceremonies, and this year’s graduating class should be celebrated for all their hard work.

A Thorn to student debt. As college gets more and more expensive (see the four percent tuition increase), to take out loans to cover the costs of tuition. While there have been talks of President Joe Biden canceling student debt, it still seems a little like a pipe dream.

A Thistle to the fall break next year. The long grind between Labor Day and Thanksgiving break is always a grind, and fall break will be a much-needed reprieve for the burn-out that many experience.

A Thorn to the continued burn-out of Carnegie Mellon students. No matter how long the break, we always feel the need to push ourselves to the limit, which just makes everything worse. The endless feeling that our peers are better than us seems like it will never go away.

A Thistle to “The Batman” for being a treat for all bisexuals. Between Robert Patterson and Zoë Kravitz, there was so much eye candy that we didn’t have to pay for it at the front counter.

A Thorn to the lawmakers in Florida. Between the unfortunate passage of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and their choice to effectively ignore the pandemic, Florida is quickly taking the place of Mississippi as the worst state in America.

A Thistle to all teaching assistants and other course staff for helping us get through our courses. Without you, nights would have been a little longer with those unresolved bugs or confusing integrals.

A Thorn to departments for both overworking and underpaying their teaching assistants. They are valuable assets to the department and deserve fair pay for the work they do. They are working on top of their standard coursework, and most departments don’t seem to recognize that.