Senate update: Sept. 21

During Student Senate’s Sept. 21 General Body Meeting, senators voted on three main issues. First, Eugenia (Genie) Williams was confirmed as Senate's new Constitutional Advisor by a vote of 31-0-1 vote.

Next, Daphne Han and Ellie Fu, Directors of Student Organizations and Finance, respectively, presented their proposal, “Central Charging of Travel Agent Fees." Their plan aimed to charge travel agent fees to the Student Government Operating Reserves (SGOR) account. Student organizations are currently charged every time they use Concur, the Carnegie Mellon-preferred travel booking service. The original proposal would have raised SGOR spending from 10 percent to 12 percent to account for this spending, but the plan was amended to 10 percent plus $4,000 from the SGOR account. With a 18-5-1 vote, the amendment was sustained.

Senate then debated an executive budget reallocation to award CoSO members with honorariums. The approved proposal moves $2,700 from Audit Committee honorariums to CoSO honorariums, by a vote of 30-1-1.

The meeting concluded with two presentations: 1) the FY2023 Fiscal Close, which discussed the results of FY2023, and 2) the newest executive committee initiative, to institute Senate office hours, proposed by Silas Wang, chair of the Academic Affairs committee, and Mahitha Chaturvedula, Senate's Operations Chair. The latter's goal is to increase student feedback and involvement in Senate by increasing verbal and electronic engagement. The initiative proposes two office hours for each executive committee member per month, starting in October.