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  • A salty yinzer fan's guide to the NHL playoffs

    Don't worry CMU, some of these NHL teams are failing their loved ones just in time for Finals Week too. The NHL has far and away the most parity out of any sports league in the US and it shows when only ONE series ended in five games. Yes, a gentleman’s sweep was the biggest ass whooping of the playoffs. That’s unheard of. Everyone else finished up in six games, or will be finishing in everyone’s ...

    Sports | May 1, 2023
  • A Salty Yinzer Fan's Guide to the NHL Playoffs

    Unfortunately, the NHL playoffs have been purged of actual talent this year like Sid, Geno, Jake on an empty net, Jarry (sometimes), and Mike Sullivan’s tie collection. You see, I would gladly respond to your valid criticism about the team I shit on so much I could make laxative companies jealous, but I can’t hear you over the two Stanley Cups we won while I was in middle school.

    Sports | April 24, 2023