Adam Greenberg Contributing Alumnus

Class of 2005


  • For Haynesworth, suspension isn’t enough

    $40,391. Apparently that sum isn’t enough to buy a few hours of good behavior each week. That’s Albert Haynesworth’s per-game salary for 2006.
    Haynesworth, a fifth-year defensive tackle for the Tennessee Titans, inexplicably stepped on Dallas Cowboy Andre Gurode — specifically on Gurode’s head after Haynesworth had already kicked his helmet off — last Sunday after a Cowboy touchdown. Gurode requi...

    Sports | October 9, 2006
  • Tartan sports 2004-2005 recap

    Carnegie Mellon had one of its best years in athletics in 2004?2005. From playoff runs to conference superiority, national recognition was consistently earned by CMU students for their athletic exploits this year. Below are summaries of individual teams? achievements for the year.

    Sports | April 25, 2005
  • Michael Murphy promoted to AVP

    Over 15 years, more than 25,000 students have called Michael Murphy Carnegie Mellon?s Dean of Student Affairs. On Wednesday, that changed when the University announced that Murphy will be promoted to the position of associate vice-president. The position of associate vice-president did not previously exist at the University.

    News | April 11, 2005
  • Guns on campus

    Let?s get some things straight: I don?t own a gun; I have never fired a gun; and I don?t plan on ever doing either.
    Every discharge of a firearm is part of a tragedy. Some are based on the harm they cause; others, the harm they prevent. I believe students have the right to protect themselves from harm.
    At present, campus policy prevents students from storing or carrying any firearm or deadly wea...

    Forum | April 4, 2005
  • Reorganize and Streamline:

    Pennsylvania has as relatively new constitution, but its government still runs on 1870s principles. New Jersey, in a similar situation, is considering a constitutional convention to make some major changes to its state government, such as the addition of a lieutenant governor. Currently, New Jersey is presided over by Acting Governor Richard Codey, who is simultaneously the president of the state ...

    Forum | March 28, 2005