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  • Nanoparticles less toxic than believed

    A group of Carnegie Mellon researchers have made huge strides in examining the exact effects of silver nanoparticles on bacteria living in gelatinous biofilms. The results of their research indicate that the nanoparticles are less toxic on biofilms than was previously suspected, a finding that has positive implications for the effects of these nanoparticles on the environment, as biofilms are the ...

    SciTech | December 3, 2012
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    Elephant in South Korea ‘speaks’ basic phrases

    SciTech | November 5, 2012
  • CyLab hosts panel discussion on cybersecurity issues

    Jeremy Zerechak, an award-winning filmmaker from Pittsburgh, stopped by Carnegie Mellon CyLab last Friday to talk about his new documentary Code 2600. As part of a panel discussion led by Lorrie Cranor, associate professor of computer science and engineering and public policy, Zerechak talked about the major themes of the film, which mostly revolve around hacking, cybersecurity, and privacy. Two...

    SciTech | October 15, 2012
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    Urban coyotes pose problems for city dwellers

    Scientists have located the smallest known coyote territory five miles away from Chicago’s O’Hare airport. The team said that the coyote community has thrived in an area about one third of a square mile for six years.

    SciTech | October 8, 2012
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    Computer learns objects in poorly drawn sketches

    Researchers from Brown University and the University of Berlin in Germany have developed a computer program capable of identifying rough sketches drawn by humans in real time.

    SciTech | September 17, 2012

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