Christina Kung

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  • Remix: SPIRIT presents high fashion

    From the streets of DC to the corners of Bed-Stuy, it remixes but it?s all the same/From the fields of Georgia to the shores of Ghana, those songs were all the same/From the Temples of Egypt to the classrooms of Howard, it?s all the same.

    Special | April 19, 2004
  • Crime and Incident

    Angry Father, 3/20/04, 9:50 pm ? A father was visiting his son?s fraternity house, and felt that music was being played too loudly in one of the rooms. When the father asked two brothers to turn the music down, they refused. The father and son confronted the two males in a verbal argument. The son stated to the males that if they weren?t at college on a scholarship, they would be at a different sc...

    News | March 29, 2004
  • CollegeWire

    Nine NYU students sued for file-sharing

    News | March 29, 2004
  • WorldWire

    TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) ? Nearly 500,000 people, many clad in throwaway yellow ponchos against a cold drizzle, surrounded Taiwan?s presidential office and blocked major streets Saturday to protest last weekend?s disputed presidential election.
    President Chen Shui-bian promised again Saturday night to back a recount of the election that he narrowly won, and endorsed an investigation into the bizarre s...

    News | March 29, 2004
  • NationWire

    Tyco juror delivers message to defense
    NEW YORK (AP) ? In the Middle Ages, a sheriff would lock deliberating jurors in a room without food or water until they reached a verdict. With no such option for the squabbling jurors in the trial of two Tyco International executives accused of looting the company for $600 million, the judge sent the jury home for the weekend to relax.
    The divided p...

    News | March 29, 2004