Chie Wach

Class of 2019


  • Racial preferences in dating are based on stereotypes, idolization

    Everyone has a “type.” Whether funny or serious, suave or dorky, broad or slender, artistic or athletic — or all of the above — everyone has their own preferences in dating. These are usually based on personal background, past experiences, sense of humor… the list is endless. And, in general, harmless, too.

    Except when it’s not.

    Forum | April 17, 2017
  • Justice system neglects prisoners’ agency, futures

    Somehow, the U.S. has become an overeager sentry, a guard of the thousands of human-filled cartons littering the nation. These prisons contain the country’s convicts, the two million unforgiven offenders conveniently estranged from society in these effective human warehouses.

    Forum | April 10, 2017
  • Tomi Lahren’s firing reflects conservative media's intolerance

    In an age in which political issues are reduced to gossip fodder, it is hardly a surprise that Tomi Lahren’s firing from the conservative news network The Blaze has captivated the eager fascination of American political consumerism as though it were a celebrity pregnancy or breakup.

    Forum | April 3, 2017
  • Asian-American band The Slants is empowering, not hateful

    Rock music is rebellion. It is a revolt against power, authority, and social norms. For most bands, their battle takes place on the stage, but for the all Asian-American rock group The Slants, their dissonant defiance takes place in the Supreme Court.
    These social justice musicians, in a mix of artistic defiance and dry humor, branded themselves with the most hackneyed stereotype in Asian-America...

    Forum | January 30, 2017
  • Energy, environment, civil rights collide in Standing Rock protest

    Standing Rock. It sounds like fortitude. Like endurance. The name invokes a sense of everlastingness, of proud stamina, a determination to be as eternal as the rock it is named for.

    Forum | December 5, 2016