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  • Smoking shisha in the South Side

    During the first few days of school, first-years may have noticed unusual smoking devices on the cut. Those students from the New York or Los Angeles areas might already be familiar with the devices, but for others this may have been the first time they have been exposed to them. Hookahs, Middle Eastern and Indian smoking devices, have become a staple of Carnegie Mellon culture.
    Carnegie Mellon g...

    Pillbox | September 20, 2004
  • Dining Out:

    On East Carson Street, by the intersection of Hot Metal Street in South Side, there is a restaurant just under a year old. Hot Metal Grille is located on the ?other side? of East Carson Street tucked in among the new construction. Not much is there yet, maybe just one of two new businesses and a design firm, a gas station, and the Goodwill store, but the area has a lot of potential. After checking...

    Pillbox | March 29, 2004
  • Dining out

    Centrally located on East Carson Street in South Side (2017 E. Carson), the 1889 Caf? features a creative blend of Continental, French, and Greek cuisine with a dash of Italian flavor. The oak-paneled walls, small tables; and white tablecloths help create a truly intimate dining experience. The restaurant seems to draw a regular crowd of both families and couples with ease, and the location of the...

    Pillbox | March 22, 2004