Mark Egerman Personnel Manager

Class of 2005


  • Remedying anti-intellectualism within the g(r)eek culture

    I have no intention of leaving gracefully. Five years ago, I started my career as an activist by fighting against anti-intellectualism. I remain convinced that this must be a primary goal of student action on this campus.
    Last week, I laid down what I saw to be the five underlying tenets of anti-intellectualism among students here at CMU. I made the claim that these were the principles that guide...

    Forum | April 25, 2005
  • Almanac

    50 years ago

    April 26, 1955

    Pillbox | April 25, 2005
  • Geek culture:

    This article is not about mobots. Instead, I?d like to look at the ideological foundations that underlie geek culture. It?s worth pointing out that this is an attempt to better understand what I see to be a problem on campus and not an attempt to disparage any particular organization. In short, if you send me an e-mail saying ?j00 sux0rs, KGB r0x0rs!!111!!? you probably missed the point. And if yo...

    Forum | April 18, 2005
  • Almanac

    50 years ago

    April 19, 1955

    The Spring Carnival Committee worked hard on planning for the year?s festivities, scheduled to start on May 5. One of the most highly anticipated events was the Faculty Egg-Throwing Contest, which had been inaugurated the previous year. For the first time, fraternity booths on the Cut were to be judged.

    25 years ago

    April 22, 1980

    Special | April 18, 2005
  • Lecturer uses Seuss to portray Cold War

    Pulitzer-prize-winning author Louis Menand ? one of the great public intellectuals in the nation ? used Dr. Seuss rhymes to explore Cold War cultural theory on Wednesday. And as both an English professor at Harvard and a staffwriter for The New Yorker, he wasn?t fooling around.

    News | April 11, 2005