Mark Egerman Personnel Manager

Class of 2005


  • "Response" to Tim Bowen' piece, irony in Greek system


    Forum | February 14, 2005
  • I learned a long time ago not to listen when fraternity members insist that they don?t receive the recognition they deserve and that everyone is out to get them. It seems to be a pathological knee-jerk reaction based on a misunderstanding of how non-Greeks see them. It always struck me as odd ? almost as if the neighborhood kids were convinced that their secret clubhouse was going to get shut down...

    Forum | February 14, 2005
  • Journalistic integrity seemingly optional

    If the opinion editors of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review were lawyers, they would be disbarred. If they were doctors, they would lose their medical license. Instead, their lack of journalistic ethics will have absolutely no effect on their jobs, because at the Tribune-Review, unethical behavior is covered up instead of addressed.
    Over the winter break, the Tribune-Review wrote about one of my deci...

    Forum | January 17, 2005
  • From The Tartan's Former Executive Officer

    Nobody believed me when I told them I had the greatest job on campus. As the Executive Officer of The Tartan, I inherited an organization that was heavily in debt, where a significant number of the staff had quit following the ?Natrat? scandal, and whose name had been heavily disparaged not only on campus, but in the greater Pittsburgh community and even in the national press. This was an organiza...

    Special | January 10, 2005
  • Executive Privilege

    It?s time for a change. There exists enough student discontent with the organizational infrastructure on this campus that we should begin challenging these institutions. In this issue alone we discuss problems with the Student Dormitory Council (SDC) and the University Disciplinary Committee (UDC). In previous issues this semester we?ve been critical of both the Activities Board and Student Senate...

    News | November 15, 2004