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  • George Bush: Radical Perhaps, But Certainly Not Conservative

    George Bush often calls himself a conservative, but to an increasing number of Republicans and conservatives, he is no such thing. He certainly is a social conservative, putting faith over science in opposing increased stem cell research that probably will save lives and signing an abortion bill that failed to include an exception in the case of danger to the mother?s life. Still, in many other ar...

    Forum | October 18, 2004
  • Bush

    CBS recently created a firestorm when it released documents questioning George Bush?s service in the Texas Air National Guard. The documents were said to be authored by squadron commander Lt. Col. Jerry B. Killian;:One of them claimed that Bush ignored orders from a superior to take a medical exam; another said that Killian?s superior pressured him to give Bush good ratings due to Bush?s status as...

    Forum | September 20, 2004
  • Statistically Speaking


    News | September 20, 2004
  • Conventional Widsom: George Bush, All Hat and No Cattle

    With his speech on Thursday, President Bush had an opportunity to admit his mistakes in the last four years and promise to correct them and move our country forward. He could have admitted that his failed economic policies have cost millions of jobs and created record deficits, that his education bill has put new burdens on schools without actually giving them money to fund improvement, and that h...

    Forum | September 7, 2004