Jonathan Chung

Class of 2014


  • Tales from Abroad: England

    I was first taken to a different country when I was two weeks old. In the years that followed, I called Naples, London, Los Angeles, and Seoul home, in addition to exploring over 30 countries. As a result, I grew up subject to the adjustments of many cultures and was a student of many schools and academic systems. It wasn’t until 2001 that my life of incessant displacement came to a comparative re...

    Pillbox | April 25, 2011
  • Interactive screens will provide users with product information

    In the next few months, the Carnegie Mellon bookstore will play host to 21st-century hardware in the form of interactive touchscreens that will help shoppers gain information about products, coupons, and sales. The trial run of these signs will not only help make products more accessible for bookstore shoppers, but will also test the feasibility and productivity of the technology in the context of...

    News | October 11, 2010
  • Information networking program awaits release of new Barbie

    Since 1959, Barbie has assumed over 100 careers, ranging from flight attendant and peace keeper to lifeguard and surgeon. Later this autumn, however, she will confront an issue more significant than her past concerns of: “will we ever have enough clothes?”

    News | September 20, 2010