Kristen Severson

Class of 2011


  • Runners, throwers break records at track and field UAA Championships

    The men’s and women’s track and field team rounded out the regular season this weekend at the two-day outdoor UAA Championships, hosted by Emory University in Atlanta. The men’s team scored 107.5 points, just passing Emory’s 106 and earning Carnegie Mellon the third-place title. The women’s team came in fifth with a total score of 78 points. Washington University in St. Louis and Emory won the men...

    Sports | April 25, 2011
  • Student government comes out of hiding for elections

    Last year I organized and ran the student body presidential and vice presidential debates. But, truth be told, when it came time to vote, I abstained from voting for a presidential ticket. After reading the candidates’ platforms and listening to them speak, I was bored and uninterested. I found that the candidates did not appear to have a specific vision and were promoting incentives that I either...

    Forum | March 28, 2011
  • Leaders utilize censorship to contain multiculturalism

    It is no stretch of the imagination to say that multiculturalism is important to Carnegie Mellon. Our school strives for diversity on every level and has had great success. There are students and faculty from around the world learning and teaching a variety of subjects. Multiculturalism is a part of our school’s identity.

    Forum | February 28, 2011
  • Letter to the Editor

    Last week, the editorial board of The Tartan wrote a response to a USA Today article concerning a student’s first two years at an American university. The USA Today article reports that 45 percent of students involved in the study it referenced showed no significant gains in learning during their first two years of college and also that students spend less time studying than they did a few dec...

    Forum | January 31, 2011
  • Gasland uses cheap tricks to obscure important point

    I hate documentaries. I’ve always thought of them as glorified propaganda and don’t typically think they are a good way to find out about things. I know this judgment isn’t fair, but it’s been my experience that people get fanatical when it comes to documentaries. They believe things because they saw them, and they don’t think too much beyond that.

    Forum | November 1, 2010

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